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Is your BP Normal ?

High Blood Pressure : 

High blood pressure, known as hypertension is dangerous if not treated adequately as it leads to an increased risk of serious diseases such as heart attacks, heart failures, strokes, kidney failures, blindness and dementia, unfortunately oftentimes it has no symptoms.

It is the leading cause of preventable death worldwide killing 9.4 million people globally. 2/3 of World’s high BP patients are in developing countries such as India, China etc.

  • - Closer home 1 in 3 Indians are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • - 1 in 3 who have high blood pressure are not aware of it.
  • - Only 1 in 3 who know they have blood pressure, take treatment.
  • - And only 1 in 3 who take treatment have a normal blood pressure.

If BP is consistently above 140/90, it should be treated with drug therapy in addition to lifestyle changes.

What can I do to reduce the risk of high blood pressure?

  • - Stop all tobacco use, avoid second hand tobacco smoke.
  • - Increase physical activity - equivalent to brisk walking 30 minutes a day.
  • - Eat healthy diet :
      • - Cut down on salt to only 1tsp per day.
      • - Eat >= 5 servings of fruits/vegetables per day.
      • - Use less oils not more than 3 tsp per day.
      • - Eat nuts, legumes, whole grains and foods rich in potassium.
      • - Limit red meat to once or twice a week at most.
      • - Eat fish or other food, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.
      • - Avoid added sugar.
      • - Reduce your caffeine intake.
  • - If overweight lose weight.
  • - Limit Alcohol intake
  • - Avoid stress where possible. Do yoga and meditation.

To Conclude:

  • - High Blood Pressure can be a silent killer. It is the leading cause of preventable death in the World.
  • - So, check your BP regularly. It is simplest measure to save lives.
  • - In adults BP more than 130/80 is high BP and need lifestyle changes immediately.
  • - If you are being treated for hypertension, remember to not miss your tablets even if you feel normal.

By - Dr. Umesh Khanna

Chairman, Mumbai kidney Foundation

Trustee, Sapiens Health Foundation

Secretary, Amar Gandhi Foundation 

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