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Non communicable diseases, or NCDs as they are called in short comprise of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high BP, heart disease, cancer, COPD, & chronic kidney disease. These have reached epidemic proportions and are responsible for  65-70% of all causes of death in India according to Global burden of diseases study published in one of the most respected scientific journal, Lancet. (Lancet. 2017; 390:2437-2460). Hence WHO has declared a war on NCDs and indian government has also launched a national programme to eliminate them or control them.

These life style diseases are rapidly rising & have reached dangerous  proportions in India. Diabetes is the most worrisome of these  life style diseases and has almost risen 10 times in last 40 years. Alarmingly in certain states & metropolitan cities such as Chandigarh, Delhi, Chennai the prevalence of diabetes is around 25% & if you also count prediabetics  (who also have a bad prognosis), then more than half the population of these states above 55 years of age will have some form of dysglycemia

Changing scenario of life style diseases :

This epidemic of NCDs is fuelled mainly by a rapid increase in obesity in India whose  prevalence is almost 30% & if you count the number of overweight & pre-obese, then more than 70% of people above 40 years living in urban India will need to loose significant weight.

Changing patterns :

a) Type 2 Diabetes, from being a disease of middle age and old age, is now shifted to not only affect young adults, but also the  adolescents  and unfortunately even  children living in  an obesogenic environment and having a family history of diabetes. The same is true for obesity in children which has risen to 20-30% especially in well to do families.

b) Not only is urban India reeling under the onslaught of diabetes but diabetes is making huge inroads into rural India which will be devastating as villagers can neither afford medications and investigations ,and nor can they handle the diabetes complications which can be catastrophic.This increased incidence of diabetes in rural India is fuelled by mechanized farming as well as changing lifestyle.

c) Thirdly diabetes is no longer a disease of the elite, but also involves the poor, especially in urban areas for whom combination of poverty and diabetes acts like a double whammy.

d) Hypertension again has shifted gears almost similarly. It now  affects the young, the poor and semi urban or rural population with increasing penetration and severity and hence one out of 3 Indians and almost half the population staying in metros above 40 years have high blood pressure .

We also know that coronary artery disease strikes much earlier in Indians due to their genetic predisposition and also because of  the typical "thin fat Indian phenotype". Thus we see angioplasties and bypass surgeries in so many young and middle aged Indians (who unfortunately are the bread winners of their families), compared to the west where it affects predominantly,  the senior citizens.

The economic burden  of long term treatment of this young Indian populations having hypertension, diabetes , heart disease and correspondingly the complications of these illnesses, such as kidney disease, strokes and heart failure is humungus and mind boggling, which India cannot afford.

But yes we can definitely  afford prevention, and hence we should all pledge to consume EK  CHAMMACH KAM in our daily life meaning at least 30 % reduction of salt, sugar and oil in diet apart from other lifestyle changes such as no tobacco in any form and doing 30 minutes of brisk exercise daily.

How Ek Chammach Kam Work : 

It works at all 4 levels of prevention,

a) Primordial prevention : Every household will change its culture of eating by following 30% reduction in the 3 villains salt, oil and sugar thereby creating a less obesogenic environment and culture in that family which can then spread in the colony and community,This will protect our children who will be exposed to a healthy culture from childhood.

b) Primary prevention : The Ek Chammach  campaign should be made viral educating especially the vulnerable population of "prehypertensives', prediabetes and preobese with increased BMI and so on. This population should be regularly screened , targeted and educated for a healthy lifestyle , exercise and weight reduction and stopping of tobacco.It will prevent diseases for sure.

c) Secondary prevention : Ek chammach kam helps patient who already have diabetes, hypertension , heart disease , obesity , stroke and CKD It works as a part of  holistic care targeting  their diet, control of BP, Lipids etc , thereby slowing down the progression of the disease and thereby complementing the action of pharmacotherapy.

d) Lastly tertiary prevention in advanced Disease : Ek chammach kam works even here, especially in the area of salt  restriction. It helps controlling high BP, edema , fluid overload and thereby prevents worsening of CKD, strokes , heart disease and CCF.

Thus ek chammach kam is one of the "best buy products in stopping the juggernaut of this epidemic of Diabetes, Hypertension and CKD and this is especially because of 2 universal truths;

1) Unhealthy food rich in salt , sugar and oil is the biggest cause of mortality in the world and that

2) Hypertension is the biggest killer and leads to young and premature death and huge disability for the patient,family and the health budget of the nation.

So join the EK CHAMACH KAM CAMPAIGN today!!!


By - Dr. Umesh Khanna

Chairman, Mumbai kidney Foundation

Trustee, Sapiens Health Foundation

Secretary, Amar Gandhi Foundation 

  Lancelot Kidney & GI centre,D1/D2,Bharat baugh,Lancelot compound, SV Road Borivali West Mumbai 400092
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