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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI is caused by bacteria and other organisms. They can affect any part of the urinary system.

Common organism; E Coli which is present in the gastrointestinal tract.


 Causes of UTI

- Poor personal hygiene

- Diabetes

- Problems of emptying bladder completely

- Blockage in flow or urine due to any cause

- Kidney stone

- Sexual causes


How do you know if you have UTI?

- Strong and frequent urge to urinate

- Cloudy, bloody, or strong smelling urine

- Pain or burning sensation when urinating

- Muscle aches and lower abdominal pain


What should you do?

- Give urine sample for routine examination

- Show a doctor

- Doctor will most probably advise at least a urine sample test.

- Drink plenty of water for prevention



- It is important to take the full course of antibiotics as advised by the doctor

- Do not stop the antibiotics because the symptoms have gone

- Drink plenty of water

- Do not self medicate the next time you have similar problem

- Follow up with your doctor and follow his advise


Stones in the Urinary Tract


-Sharp cramping or dull aching pain

- Pain comes and goes in waves

- A feeling of intense need to urinate

- Burning in urine

- Sometimes blood tinged urine


What causes stones?

- Dehydration

- Drinking less water

- Hot climate and less water intake

- Preference for sea food


How much water must you drink?

- At least 2.5-3 L/ day

- Caution – you must not have a heart or kidney problem


What do you do if you have a stone?

- You must show a urologist

- Even if the pain is gone you still need a check up

- You need to check if the stone is not damaging your kidney

- You need to check if new stones are not being formed


Precautions if you have a kidney stone or a tendency to form stones

- There are many myths about what you should or should not eat

- Take advise from a nephrologist.


By - Dr. Umesh Khanna

Chairman, Mumbai kidney Foundation

Trustee, Sapiens Health Foundation

Secretary, Amar Gandhi Foundation 

  Lancelot Kidney & GI centre,D1/D2,Bharat baugh,Lancelot compound, SV Road Borivali West Mumbai 400092
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