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High Blood Pressure: A silent killer

High BP is the number one cause of avoidable deaths worldwide.

10 million people die each year needlessly from Hypertension(HT) worldwide.

1out of 3 in urban and 1 out of 4 in rural folks suffer from High Blood Pressure & unfortunately are not even aware of it.

No wonder HT is labeled as a silent killer leading to heart attacks, paralytic strokes, renal failure, blindness, dementia & sexual inadequacy.

Are you at risk?

There is only one way of knowing it. Yes, measure your BP periodically. More so as you age, if you have family history & have diabetes. A simple BP measurement can save many lives.

As a kidney specialist, I am worried, high BP is the second most common cause of kidney failure after diabetes & most importantly it is preventable & correctable by the following simple life style measures.


According to 2017 international guidelines:

- Consume not more than 1 tsp of salt per day.

- Stop smoking and all forms of tobacco consumption.

- Exercise for 30 min/day.

- Keep your weight near ideal body weight.


If your BP is >130/80, you have high BP & you must start lifestyle modification urgently.

Beyond 140/90, you will need medication from your doctor over & above lifestyle modification.

Remember to

- Check your BP regularly.

- Keep it down to below 130/80.

- Ek Chammach Kum salt, sugar and oil will prevent & control BP, diabetes, obesity & thereby heart disease, stroke & kidney failure.

- Join our Ek Chammach Kam Campaign today.


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