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Home HD in India - not as difficult as you think

When people get to know about home hemodialysis, they generally think it is too complex and risky for them to do. They have seen so many incidents in hospital based centres that they assume the same can happen at home too. However, many of these fears are unfounded, especially in patients who are  otherwise healthy, are proactive about their health, like to take care into their own hands and do not like to accept the dependence on others for their own well-being.

Take the case of Amit from Kolkata. He was suddenly diagnosed with MPGN (Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis) at a young age in 2013. He had to start dialysis within a few months. He started dialysing at a reputed hospital in the city. He experienced what many people feel on dialysis in a hospital - poor quality, many complications, callous technicians. He also lost weight rapidly and his work was severely compromised.
His younger brother was active on the internet and found many good things about home hemodialysis. He started researching about it extensively and also got in touch with people who were undergoing home hemodialysis in India. Encouraged by the full life people on home HD were leading, he suggested this modality to his brother.
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