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Conquer Diabetes Abhiyaan

Ramesh Shah is a 42 yrs old doting father of 2 lovely daughters

Heer  who is in 12th Standard & aiming to become a doctor ,

Jinal who is in 10th standard &  wants to become a Chartered Accountant .

Ramesh bhai who stays in a 1 Room Chawl is a diabetic since last 12 yrs & has high BP .He  is working hard ,12 hours a day to fulfill their dreams.

Last week Rameshbhai had Chest pain & breathing difficulty & was admitted to KHM hospital. He was shocked to know that he has Angina ,high BP & his kidneys have failed & there is hemorrhage in his retina. He will soon require dialysis & finally kidney transplant as soon as possible .

Ramesh bhai was 86kg, over weight by 16kg ,chewed tobacco since 20yrs ,and was irregular with medicines & never got  his sugar & BP measured.

Over confidence ,carelessness  & lack of education coupled  with wanting to save money for his family ruined his life .

This is the typical story of a diabetic patient in  India.

Why Indians should worry about Diabetes

  1. One out of every 10 Indians suffer from diabetes .But in Mumbai & all urban areas one out of every 5 Mumbaikar has diabetes or is pre-diabetic.
  2. We have close to 7 crore Indians suffering from diabetes ,the highest in the world .
  3. Worst still 50% of diabetics are not even aware they have diabetes.
  4. Indians develop this disease at a much younger age 30-40 yrs of age (compared to more than 50 in the West & develop more of Heart diseases, kidney diseases & blindness at an early age .
  5. Diabetes epidemic in India is spreading  because of Life Style changes, Sedentary work, migration from village to city, increasing obesity,& fast food culture.


Why Treat Diabetes seriously & control it.

  • 65% of diabetics will die of heart disease.
  • 1/3rd of diabetics will develop Kidney disease .
  • 26% of Diabetics will develop eye problems which can lead to blindness.
  • 16% of them will develop stroke & paralysis .
  • Many will have to undergo amputation due to gangrene & diabetic foot.
  • 1/3 rd will develop impotence.

Do not ignore This Disease and remember to treat Diabetes seriously.


Can Indians afford Diabetes treatment ????

  • 2/3rd of Indian lives in villages where facilities are less & far away.
  • In Mumbai & other cities 1/3rd of Mumbaikars live below the poverty line (less than 47 Rupees per day /person)
  • Monthly cost of diabetes medicine is Rs.1000 plus cost of consultation, blood tests & god forbid if they have complications then it spells financial disaster for the family.
  • Cost of Dialysis is Rs.25000/- month
  • Cost of Kidney Transplant is Rs 6-8 lakhs
  • Cost of Angioplasty Rs. 2 lakhs
  • Cost of By-pass Rs. 4-5 lakhs.

So you pay a very heavy price for not treating your diabetes.

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